Don, Talissa and Frankie,

I have ordered a new car and will be trading in my beloved 9-3 convertible.  I will miss you all and want you to know how very grateful I am for all the great service, conversations and snuggles (from Frankie)!  Hopefully we will cross paths again in the future. I have never had the experience of fully trusting an organization as much as yours.

 Thank you so much!

Melissa R.

My experience with ETC started even before I moved to Colorado in 2007- I had driven to Colorado from Wisconsin to visit my daughter, the day before I needed to head back home my warning light came on – since I had a long trip ahead I certainly wasn’t going to start driving without having it checked out.

I was directed to ETC by the owner of a Goodyear store in Lakewood, she told me ETC was the best Saab® repair shop in the Denver area- I certainly have to agree.

Not only did Don get me in to do the repairs needed but he also coordinated some warranty work that was necessary and all in a single day. This kept me from being delayed on my return to Wisconsin.

Since moving to Colorado in 2007 I have become a loyal customer of ETC and will continue to be as long as I live in the area.

Julie K.

Don has performed all service on my 9-3 for nearly 6 years allowing me to get the max value from my vehicle.  The experience has been a dramatic shift from what I was experiencing with a dealership.  Don has provided great service and effective repairs, in addition to added value services that have saved me significant dollars over the years.  The BG Lifetime protection program qualified me for a turbo replacement, and BG On The Road roadside assistance program provided towing during an emergency.  Don’s got your back when the car is in his shop and when you’re on the road.

Clark V.

I took my Saab 9-3 in after getting a dreaded “Gearbox Malfunction” on the dash rendering my car to a limited performance. Don was able to reset my computer system to normal and noticed my transmission fluid was black. He recommended a flush and conditioning and had my vehicle ready that night. I looked up all that he recommended on the Saab blogs and it was legit. I appreciate Don’s quick service and constant communication through the process. I will definitely be back.

Glen G.

My wife and I purchased a Saab® 9-3 about 4 years ago and heard that you needed an expert to work on it. We did our research and chose Saab® Colorado as we really liked the personal attention Don gave us when we called.

I know without a doubt you can’t find someone more versed in Saab® vehicles and his staff has been awesome to work with as well. They go through the car with a fine tooth comb every time you take it in, set up warranty work and most importantly are fairly priced and honest about what needs to be done when to keep the car running well.

A specific example of great service was when we had an electronic part fail and had to have the car towed to the shop from the airport after 5:00pm. Don stayed at the shop until 7:00pm to be there to meet us and I knew what was wrong (simple battery connection) and what it would look like to fix it by 9:00am the next morning! We picked up the car that night!

It’s also cool to be able to go into a shop and actually talk to the people that work there and have them treat you like real people and never talk down to you like you’re stupid since you can’t fix your own car. We will continue to buy Saab® cars and will continue to take them to Saab® Colorado [now Euro Tech Colorado].

Matt S.

I really appreciated how determined Don was to get to the bottom of the problem I was having with my 97-X. I know it was an issue no one had seen. Others could not solve the problem, including the dealership where I purchased my car. Thank you so much!!!

Kristen D.

My experience with Don and Talissa at Euro Tech Colorado has been entirely positive. From the day that Don performed the initial inspection on the used Saab® 9-3 that I ended up purchasing, the Euro Tech Colorado team has been amazing to work with. They are responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional.

I always know that I’m going to get the straight story and top-quality work when I bring my car into Euro Tech Colorado. Don and his team are real pros and I wouldn’t trust my car to anyone else.

Jason M.

While waiting at ETC for my turn (I had the day off and was in no hurry), I got to talking with Don and the customer ahead of me who’s oil change was almost finished. The customer mentioned a squeaking noise that happened under specific conditions. Don made a quick inspection of something around the front left brake rotor and within a few seconds said “Here’s your problem.” It is always a pleasure to see a master at work.

James H.

A few years back, we changed from another shop to Euro Tech Colorado. What we have found is that Euro Tech is a diamond in the rough. Don, and his team, provide the highest level of service I have ever experienced when interacting with an automative shop. On top of that, I TRUST them. I feel when it comes to our automobiles we have an advocate. Working with Don over the years, I have observed how important integrity is to Don, and how hard he works to preserve the reputation of Euro Tech. As a fellow small business owner, I very much appreciate how hard Don and his staff work on my behalf. We recommend Don without question.

Chip K.

Before taking my 9-3 to Euro Tech, I had always gone to a Saab dealership that over-charged and treated me like another number. When I had a problem, they would give me the run- around and never the personal attention I now receive at Euro Tech. Don is extremely helpful, explains what he needs to do and will actually show you the problem/fix. At ETC, I feel like a valued customer and confident that I can take my Saab to Don and not worry about being lied to, over-charged or scammed. Not being from Colorado, I feel lucky to have found a mechanic I can trust. He’s awesome! Highly recommend.

Krystle K.