Car Clutter DangerWe spend a lot of time in our vehicles, whether we are on the road for work, chauffeuring kids around or just doing the daily commute it is easy to “live” in our cars.  Vehicles are often filled with snacks, paperwork, business cards, toys, electronics and more. It’s hard to imagine that these items that make our commute time productive or fun can be harmful but the truth is they’re a danger even at slow speeds.

If you are going 30 mph and have to brake abruptly or have a collision loose items in the back seat will be propelled with the same force as if they’re being dropped off a two-story building. This means a One Liter water bottle will hit with the impact of 44 pounds. That means loose groceries, pets, and toys can strike us and our passengers with very dangerous force. In addition to the danger of airborne objects there is the danger of items rolling under either the brake or gas pedals. Not being able to stop or go can easily make you the instigator of a dangerous accident.

So what can you do to keep the clutter at bay?

  1. Clean the car out daily removing garbage and any other items that don’t belong in the car; It’s the quickest and the easiest way to keep your car safe as well as looking and smelling good.
  2. Keep a pack of wet wipes and a supply of trash bags in a seat pocket or glove compartment to tend to messes quickly.
  3. Use a small bin in your trunk to tend to loose items and keep them from rolling around.
  4. Store groceries and other items from shopping trips in the trunk.
  5. Use seat back organizers to secure coloring books and toys for children and help them use them consistently.
  6. Front-seat organizers and console units are great for the travelling businessperson who wants convenient access to files and a flat surface to write on.
  7. Secure pets with a seatbelt or carrier to minimize their chance of being injured and causing injury.
  8. Always place heavy items in the trunk to prevent them from becoming projectiles when you come to a sudden stop or get into an accident.

It may take awhile to train yourself to keep dangerous clutter out of your vehicle but doing so you can know you’re keeping yourself, your passengers, and other travelers safe.