When you think about your car’s health the Oil Change is like an annual check-up.  Though the visit is usually called an Oil Change it is really so much more. During the Oil Change Service your car is inspected thoroughly. Most of the time the inspection proves that all is in order. Sometimes the inspection opens the conversation for items to be monitored or items that are in need of preventative care.

Thinking of your car as a patient you also have to consider who you trust with your car’s health.  Most folks wouldn’t shop for a doctor on Group On or jump from doctor-to-doctor based on which one offered a coupon.  So why do we do this with our vehicles?

While cars aren’t humans they do tend to be an integral part of our lives and families. When scheduling appointments one of the biggest hurdles we hear is “That won’t work, I need my car.” So why would you trust the care of your needed vehicle to anyone but a qualified specialist?

When choosing your Car Health provider consider the following

  1. Are they experienced?

Is This Who You Want Working on Your Car?This is an actual job posting for a technician at a nation-wide oil change shop. Note they are not required to have any automotive experience and their training will be primarily Computer Based.  Do you want someone with no experience and no hands on training completing your oil change and inspection or do you want someone with years of experience?

  1. What other services do they offer?

This will determine how they inspect your vehicle and if they’re capable of providing diagnosis. If you mention a concern with your transmission are they qualified and capable of performing full mechanical diagnosis or are their transmission offerings limited to flushes?  Some shops will be direct and let you know when a concern is outside their scope of abilities, some will sell what they can do.

  1. Are they specialist?

Someone who specializes in your car’s make is the best bet for understanding the nuances of your vehicle. The more experience the more likely they are to be know which telltale signs to look for in during an inspection as well as provide accurate diagnosis of systems in need of repair.

  1. Are they a partner?

Just like you want a doctor who knows about you personally you should expect the same from your mechanic. While independent shops may be more expensive than quick oil change shops it is an investment. Not only are you more likely to get OE parts and high quality lubricants but you’re building a relationship. With each visit your technician learns more about you, how you drive, what is important to you in your driving experience and how much you rely on your car daily. You can make a plan together keep your car running well. Another benefit that comes from partnering with your shop technician is knowing that you’ll be worked in quickly if an emergency should arise. As they say loyalty has its privileges.

If you rely on your vehicle make sure you’re looking after its health.  Choose a provider who knows your car inside and out and build a lasting relationship with them. If you’re in the Denver area and want to build a great relationship for the care of your SAAB, Audi, MINI Cooper, BMW, or VW please give us a call to schedule a consultation, 303.238.7222.